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We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us. 11 PM Records. Or browse results titled :. XKatedral Volume III Ellen Arkbro - Caterina Barbieri - Kali Malone. Fake Figures blends influences ranging from Metal, Hardcore, Punk and Desert Rock. Novembers Doom. Snøgg is an experimental black metal band from Velenje, Slovenia formed in late 2013. See all results. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Every word, every song, every part, every riff, every drumfill, every effect etc. | Artists: Riki, Private World, Pod Blotz, SRSQ, TEMPERS. Atmospheric and melodic stuff. Hokkaido, Japan. Hi, I'm Patricia Taxxon. Paying supporters also get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app. Toronto, Ontario. Naked spite. Black Lion Records. booking: north / central / south america - [email protected] Old School metal band from Northern California!. What Light Covers Not Mysteries Of Left Path Downcross about. Dreampop band from Prague/Veselí nad Moravou Booking: billow. LABEL IS CLOSED. Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. com Burst Through The Blue. This music invites a refreshing dissonance into the house, it leaves breadcrumbs along the path and reflects light back at the stars. Svaveldioxid. Lisbon, Portugal. Randy McStine. He is an English born but Melbourne based acid music producer. Or browse results titled :. Palermo, Italy. See all results. Lamagaia Gothenburg, Sweden. Conflagration 2. Moscow, Russia. white wolf is still roaming Strahor is pagan black metal band from Serbia. Organectomy 2015 Promo, released 10 November 2015 1. Hongo Punk Blues (Sierra de Aracena, Huelva, España). 17 Rattenblick 7" Dummlandschweine. Izumo, Japan. Humanes De Madrid, Spain. Bogotá, Colombia. All of my tunes are free to use for personal projects, with credit. go to album. Paris, France. beat maker / ex power ranger. After following different paths to the City of Angels, Taz and Goon found each other and started their initial collaboration. PMC su prvi i jedini Ča-Metal™ bend i inspiraciju crpe iz istarskih legendi i priča, a glazbu rade pod utjecajem istarske ljestvice, death metala i punka. London, UK. Formed in 2000 as a way to explore and re-create a certain atmosphere – a post apocalyptic stillness among majestic subterranean halls, deep chasms and abandoned places; music that is both apocalyptic and soothing, a kind of numinous and meditative ambience. Strange Love or: How Those Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Bombs. See all results. This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About. Previous tenants at his new home happened to leave an upright piano behind, and Kevin, a beginner at the piano, immediately sat at the new instrument and began composing the songs that would form 'Singing Saw', his first album for new label Dead Oceans. 2DCAT is an American and Swedish Synthpop act, currently based out of Washington, D. Funerarium, is a French Black Atmospheric Metal, One Man Band created in 2018. Sea worshipping DEATH METAL!. I play most of the instruments myself. Beijing, China. Somewherecold Records. Contact Preening. SAVAK is Sohrab Habibion, Michael Jaworski and Matt Schulz. Stockholm, Sweden. Bosses Hang, Pt. NIBIRU was born in 2012. Berlin, Germany. We all really like Dogs. Or browse results titled :. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It bows to engines and echos and film-directors. com/watch?v=kbBSTf-bK-E www. See all results. The unheard soundtracks of history. sleep on it 7. Los Angeles, California. Over the last few years, the SCHIZOPHONICS have built up a formidable reputation in San Diego as an Explosive live act. Dallas, Texas. Death Portent 2. Bandcamp Daily your guide to the world of Bandcamp Marika Hackman’s Cutting Indie is a Two-Way Conversation With Her Audience This Week’s Essential Releases: Coldwave, Avant-Folk and Indie Rock. By Norse Music. Cloister Recordings. Crawling Into You 2. Black Extreme Metal. Richmond, Virginia. Anselmo Vocals / Guitar Steve Taylor Guitar Mike De Leon Guitar Derek Engemann Bass Joey ";Blue" Gonzalez Drums. Beaumont, Texas. project of Severoth (Illia Rafalskyi). We dig techno, DIY, upcycling. Alejandra/Max/Sam/ Oakland, CA. Doomstress is heavy doom stoner metal feat: Doomstress Alexis (bass&vox) Brandon Johnson (gtr/backing vox) & Tomasz Scull (drums). Current Live line up is: Loïc CELLIER: vocals/guitar, Sven Vinat (backing vocals/guitar), Yohann Mahé (bass/backing vocals), Marc Le Gall (drums). Started around 2011 as a hobby, it more or less remains the same thing the whole time — a diary of memories and an exhaust for certain kind of emotions. Astral Industries. Step Into The Light - [FS015] Steven Rutter & John Shima. supported by 218 fans who also own “Claustro / State Forest” The grating bass and dissonant synths are enough to put you in a trance. atlanta, georgia. hip-hop/rap. Seoul, South Korea. Copenhagen, Denmark. Elsa Hewitt. Madison, Wisconsin. Marius, Danny, Seb et Jérôme écrivent ensemble des chansons qui leur ressemblent. Pencey Sloe. athens, greece. Bandcamp New & Notable Oct 1, 2019. Palma, Spain. See all results. Beati Omnes Qui Confidunt In Eo. Miasma Records. London, UK. See all results. Voyage of Discovery. Head to https://turboknight. Agent Orange (re-recorded) 5. KRIKOR "CÉFRAN RIDDIMS" 001 by KRIKOR Building Arnold Schwarzenegger by Krikor J. Or browse results titled :. AI-09: Red Lantern at the Kallikatsou The Chi Factory. Stockholm, Sweden. To date 60 solo albums. Terrör of the Üniverse 2x12" Limited Purple Vinyl Edition + A1 Poster Aliens Ate My Synthesizer! 12" Limited Transparent Blue Vinyl Edition. Sydney, Australia. DUMP GAWD: DIVINO EDITION about. "When the Morning Greets You" now out on Rad Cat Records LP/CD/CASS. Shinjuku, Japan. The Heart Of Saturday Night (Remastered) Bad As Me (Remastered) Glitter And Doom Live (Remastered. Bandcamp's payment options, ease of use and high sound quality capacity make it the best of the independent online music stores. All proceeds are donated to charity. loving you. DUMP GAWD: DIVINO EDITION about. supported by 218 fans who also own “Claustro / State Forest” The grating bass and dissonant synths are enough to put you in a trance. This is a must-buy for any dub fans if you can find it on wax. Cleveland, Ohio. Or browse results titled :. We're from Chicago. Godspeed You! Black Emperor "Luciferian Towers", released 22 September 2017 1. London, UK. LEIDUNGR is a Nordic Ritual Folk project. Bielefeld, Germany. Trench Warfare. Lamagaia Gothenburg, Sweden. Howling for armageddon. Melbourne, Australia. Without each other, we have nothing!!!. Firescope Records. Casual Gabberz. Contact us at: [email protected] ZIVATAR started in 2012 as one man project. Fonts for the People (3024-KJL2) Doms & Deykers Vancouver Head High remix (3024-KJL1). Kate Bollinger. Samavayo have been a trio since 2013. "Thank trade in groovily abrasive riffs, burbling synths, disco-punk drum patterns and high level ranter vocals. Bobby Dugan Ben Auer Dominic Bell. UADA Cult of a Dying Sun, released 25 May 2018 1. Maybe even snobby. Or browse results titled :. We're are hardcore label looking to showcase these old sounds from modern minds - authentic hardcore rave music without the limitations of the past. TR/ST The Destroyer - 2, released 01 November 2019 1. 4 - The Joy of Disease: Demos and Remixes Inevitable Archives: Vol. Bristol, UK. Montréal, Québec. 3, Particle of Lights, Ending Roll [Free download], RELOAD [Free download], Assimilator [Remix][Free download], Re:cybernetic / drum’n’bass [Free download], Quantization Illusion, The Sentinel [Free. Santa Cruz, California. EliteFerrex is a legacy gaming and electronic musician based in Southern California. Bhleg - Sorlande sky 2. but a little heavier. Degenerate Trifecta. Lyon, France. Beijing, China. Brooklyn, New York. Sonic material handlers, investigative agitators, authentic industrialists, utilisers and recyclers of society's debris. Space Normal Speed / Seabass about. Paris, France. Empty streets (maquette Of Pop studio 2014) Looking down (maquette Of Pop 2014). Sep 27, 2012 · Setting up an account will provide you with a Bandcamp microsite (yourbandname. The Heart Of Saturday Night (Remastered) Bad As Me (Remastered) Glitter And Doom Live (Remastered. Cleveland, Ohio. See all results. com/pleinmusic. Mostly Dead All Day Western Settings Will Castro - Guitar Ricky Schmidt - Vocals / Bass Adam Kissell - Drums Chris Steppins - Guitar / Vocals Recorded by Jeff Forrest at Double Time Studios, San Diego, CA All songs by Western Settings. Part art project, part electronic experimentation, part disco party, The Golden Filter were born in 2008 in NYC as a disruption to the pop music status quo. SECOPS019 - Too Much Too Soon / Say You Love Me Seba. New Jersey. Void Ritual is a black metal project from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Ode to the Lavender Moon Lost Letters (of Seraphina). Beijing, China. Hatsune Miku. Here are the Kubusschnitt concerts, albums and various rarities from the period 1999 to 2006, all gently remastered. com hip-hop/rap. Never Come Back 8. Elsa Hewitt. Karlsruhe, Germany. Sinister Path Blakk Old Blood vs Black Devotion Blakk Old Blood - Black Devotion. white wolf is still roaming Strahor is pagan black metal band from Serbia. Liturgical Folk. Firescope Records. i used to be so in love 3. Or browse results titled :. Griffin McElroy. Madrid, Spain. "DOOMSTRESS brings a hard edge to modern doom w/nods toward classic influences "-The Obelisk. The Australians in Fumarole are crafting heavy rock inspired by bands like Orange Goblin and Earthless inspired by dark creatures and bleak futures. Los Angeles, California. Portland, Oregon. This page is for my solo material. I make music for different moods. By Norse was founded by Einar Selvik (Fimbulljod Productions, Wardruna), Ivar Bjørnson (Peersen Production AS, Enslaved, BardSpec) and Simon Füllemann (AISA – All Independent Service Alliance LLC, All Access Agency). Los Bitchos. See all results. Atlanta, Georgia. The volcano has not erupted violently since 1918. Heart to Gold. Albuquerque, New Mexico. Adrestia's music is a mix of crust punk and old school swedish death metal. Includes unlimited streaming of Suburban Drones EP via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. Beati Omnes Qui Confidunt In Eo. See all results. Santa Barbara, California. Impale the Bitch 3. Quiet is the new loud Luftrum about. New York, New York. Experimental. Or browse results titled :. See all results. SOUL BLIND Hudson Valley PROMO 19, released 11 October 2019 1. See all results. General Thanksgiving 8. Changed Your Mind 2. Chicago, Illinois. What Light Covers Not Mysteries Of Left Path Downcross about. " - Keep It Fast. Western Settings. Hamburg, Germany. To date 60 solo albums. OSM Overstrange Mood, from France is a progressive-metal band resulting from the combination of raging and sharp riffs associated with soft and dreamlike atmospheres. Escape the Grave 4. Inferno (Bonus Track) 10. From Lille, they're trying their best to produce some noisy, dreamy, agressive but kind music. Bergen, Norway. experimental. Frail Body is a band from Rockford IL. London, UK. Writhing in Disgust 2. Formed in 2005 Through The Walls of Flesh Violent Procreation. Retreat Neurosis is a side project. VOCALOID Music Composer from Japan. This is a must-buy for any dub fans if you can find it on wax. Or browse results titled :. California. Blood, Guts and Dirt Demonarchy about. In March 2019 they released "La Felpa", recorded in Chicago by Steve Albini (Electrical Audio). Beijing, China. Initiation 5. With Winding Progressive song structures bisected with segments of delicate neo-folk. This page is for my solo material. Fake Figures blends influences ranging from Metal, Hardcore, Punk and Desert Rock. Hamilton, Ontario. XKatedral Volume III Ellen Arkbro - Caterina Barbieri - Kali Malone. Stephan Thelen. We're from Chicago. Heavy, Low, & Witchy. Or browse results titled :. After touring for several years in bands - Orville debuts his first solo single, 'Dead Of Night' - a whirlwind romance in the desert, which ends in tragedy and its vague memory that lingers like a dream. com Burst Through The Blue. This New Zealand group have a sweet glaze and an underlying toothiness that would have fit right in on mid-’90s alt-rock radio. Aural delicacies for the similarly afflicted. Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. Or browse results titled :. mgmt: [email protected] raw daybreaks vol. Lille, France. Includes high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. iocane powder 2. Home by Caribou, released 08 October 2019 1. Bosses Hang, Pt. Dark Operative. Blacker Face. 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